Child Health Services

Child Health Services

Dubuque County Early Childhood (DCEC) offers child health programs/services through two local organizations.

Visiting Nurse Association

Many child/family health programs/services are available with two supported by DCEC. These include child care nurse consultants and an oral health screening program. To strengthen quality child care, the nurse consultants offer consultation and training on health and safety standards. They serve registered/nonregistered home care providers and licensed centers/preschools. To identify dental needs and link children to dental care, hygienists visit students at-risk preschool sites throughout the county. The hygienists obtain parental permission to perform a basic oral health screening for children age three to five in those preschools. They also provide fluoride varnish, share dental information with families, and help any child with dental issues to access appropriate care for needed services.

For more information on the Visiting Nurse Association’s programs/services, contact the Dubuque office at (563) 556-6200 or (800) 862-6133, 1454 Iowa Street, Dubuque, IA 52001,

Clarke University’s Nursing Department

A community health program places student nurses with high-risk families with children age five and under. Families are referred through local hospitals and agencies. Students go on home visits to promote optimal health and development of family members. They also offer education, resources, and supplies (such as formula and diapers). The visits are designed to help improve parenting skills, promote healthy babies, and link families to needed resources.

Click on the following link to access Clarke University’s program brochure. For more information on Clarke University’s community health program, call (563) 588-6441.

Clarke University Community Health Services Brochure (PDF)