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Meeting Information

Upcoming Meetings

Unless otherwise announced, Dubuque County Early Childhood (DCEC) board meetings are on the fourth Wednesday of each month (except in July and December) at 12:00 p.m. at Keystone AEA, Dubuque.

2019 meetings of the Board of Directors:

January 23 : February 27 : March 27 : April 24 : May 22 : June 26 : August 28 : September 25 : October 23 : November 27

Board meetings are open to the public and adhere to Open Meetings/Records Laws. Meetings are held at locations and times reasonably accessible to the public. When necessary, reasonable special accommodations for attendance are provided. Submit any questions to (563) 588-1620.

Meeting Agendas & Minutes

For any records requests, contact the DCEC Office at (563) 588-1620.

Click on the links to access DCEC Board meeting agendas and minutes:

2018 Agendas

DCEC Agenda January 2018 (PDF)

DCEC Agenda February 2018 (PDF)

DCEC Agenda March 2018 (PDF)

No meeting in April 2018

DCEC Agenda May 2018 (PDF)

DCEC Agenda June 2018 (PDF)

No meeting in July 2018

DCEC Agenda August 2018 (PDF)

DCEC Agenda Sept2018

DCEC Agenda Oct2018

DCEC Agenda Nov2018

2018 Minutes

DCEC Minutes January 2018 (PDF)

DCEC Minutes February 2018 (PDF)

DCEC Minutes March 2018 (PDF)

No meeting in April 2018.

DCEC Minutes May 2018 (PDF)

DCEC Meeting Minutes June 2018 (PDF)

No meeting in July 2018

DCEC Meeting Minutes Aug2018

DCEC Meeting Minutes Sept2018

DCEC Meeting Minutes Oct2018


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